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You've probably heard of a Rainbow vacuum cleaner because they have been around for almost 100 years now. Unless you have spoken to someone who has one, you probably will not believe that this vacuum is worth the cost. However, those who have used or owned a Rainbow Vacuum are extremely happy with this type of vacuum, they try to convince everyone they know to get one!
Yes, Rainbow vacuum cleaners are significantly more expensive than other vacuum cleaners on the market, but could it be worth it? May be.

The reasons that you might consider investing in a rainbow hoover

If you need a vacuum that acts as a carpet cleaning tool and cleaning the air.
If you find that you need to replace your vacuum every few years.
If you or someone in your home is extremely sensitive to allergens.
How does a Rainbow vacuum cleaner work?
In the 1930s, the inventor of Rainbow Vacuum invented the company's slogan, "wet dust can not fly!" It's still the principle behind the new Rainbow …